Tennessee Valley Authority

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Who was the program intended to help?

Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) all for the people in the south who are interesting to work.

What was this program intended to do?

It for the people in the south who trying to make money and help U.S get out of the Great Depression also to surround the Tennessee River.

Does this program fall under the Relief ,Recovery,or Reform program of Roosevelt's New Deal?

Yes because,Agency created to build dams in the Tennessee river valley. These dams provided more stable irrigation and cheap hydroelectric power

How successful do you believe this program was at relieving the economic crisis?

This program is successful because,brought electricity to thousands of people at an affordable price. It controlled the flood waters of the Tennessee River and improved navigation, as well as introduced modern agriculture techniques.

How does this program add to your understanding of the Great Depression?

In the Great Depression a lot people loss their jobs so the TVA help the people work and people started to have energy and electricity now.

Does this program still exist today?

Yes it does so come and sign up!! Also nothing change over pass years and nothing will change because it help American through the environment and economics development.
History Brief: The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)

Highlight points from the Video

  • The Southeastern region of the United State was far behind nation of running water,electricity, and sewers.
  • This company was to help modern the south and improve living conditions.
  • It help factories and other business to employ thousand of workers