It's Time for Oreo Challenge!

Brought to you by Mrs. Smithen, Ms. Kravetz, and Class!

Greetings Parents!

In math we have been learning our Bonds of 10 and Doubles! We have been making and working with our flashcards to help us remember these facts to succeed at our class Oreo Challenge! Oreo challenge is an activity that tracks how well we know our math facts! When we are tested in Oreo Challenge, we have the opportunity to earn a sticker on our classroom chart and collect our Oreo cookie prize. The more we practice the more we will succeed so we need YOUR help! We will be bringing our flashcards home to practice remembering our Bonds of Ten and Doubles facts. We would really appreciate it if you could help us study our facts! If we bring home Bonds of Ten that indicates we are working to pass that level in Oreo Challenge and if we bring home Doubles that indicates we have passed Bonds of Ten. All you need to do is show us the card, and we'll say the answer! Thank you for your help!
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