Independence and Government

When Spainish rule was overthrown, Panama became controlled by Columbia. On November 3, 1903, Panama gained it's independence. Panama now has a Constitutional Government and their leader is President Ricardo Martinelli Berrocal.


Panama imports fuel products, medicines, vehicles, iron and steel rods, and cellular phones. They get their goods from the U.S., China, Costa Rica, and Mexico.


Panama exports bananas, gold, shrimp, sugar, iron and steel waste, pineapples, and watermelons. They export their goods to the U.S., Netherlands, Costa Rica, Sweden, Canada, China, and Italy.

Where is Panama?

Panama connects Central America and South America.

Tourist Information

Panama is a great place to visit because it has beaches, rain forests, and is one of the safest places in Latin America for tourists. The official language of Panama is Spanish, but most speak English as a second language. Tourists should definitely visit the the famous, man-made Panama Canal. Panama also has lots of wildlife. Darien National Park is a gorgeous nature preserve. Also, there are over 900 species of birds if you like bird watching. Panama has world class fishing spots too.