Free Land In Kansas

160 acres for nothing!

Under the Homestead Act anyone can claim free land.

The Homestead act gives anyone over 18 the option claiming up to 160 acres for only $10! The land is prime for agricultural purposes. Your grandchildren will be glad you came.

Options for Southeners

African Americans "Are you tired of being discriminated against?" If so, feel free to claim land and set up home base in Nicodemus, Kansas, the Only all African American settlement in the U.S.A.
Story of Exodus

Here is a firsthand experience of one of the Exodusters.

I, Mr. "Pap" Singleton recommend going to Kansas because of the following reasons.

  1. Little to no discrimination.
  2. Very cheap land.
  3. New opportunities.
  4. Large African American Communities.
  5. Helpful State Government.
  6. Fought Strong against slavery in Civil War.