The first Settlement

by: Taylor Church

Introduction Paragraph

Jamestown, People gathering on three ships for religious land. The three ships names were Susan constant, God Speed, The Discovery. People in colonial times survived by hunting people got there food. People gathered on three ships for religious land the people landed on the colony named Jamestown.

Starting out/important people

In 1607 ,13 years before the pilgrims landed in Massachusetts a group of about 100 English men and boys began a settlement on the banks of jamestown river. The voyage to plymouth took 4 and a half months. The joint of the 100 men and boys were called the Virginia company. After they arrived many of the spent there days searching for gold. The voyage was very hard but they got to were they wanted.


People in the colonial times made forts for protection and to live in. Forts back then were rare to have wooden floors you are likely to have a dirt floor. Forts did not have heaters they only had a fire place. The fire place did help a little but not a lot. Forts back in the colonial times were very small the forts did not have doors. People in colonial times had a hard time doing a lot of things but the people got threw it.


People Survived by hunting hunting will give people food, clothes, wool. A lot of people hunted deer Chiken cow pigs. People did'nt only hunt and eat the people had to plant green beans, corn. People eat Clams, Lobster. People drank water, milk, Cidr, beer, even little kids drank the beer. There drinks were not always clean. A lot of people had a hard time finding food but people still survived there lives.

Restate opening paragraph

I am sure there are more important thing about Jamestown. But the three things that are most important are about jamestown. People heading for Jamestown with hope for free land. When people got to Jamestown people lived in forts for protection. The people survived by hunting for food and they got water from streams and cricks. A famous qoute from Jamestown was "A more damned crew hell never vomited".