Jack Andraka

Teen Activist

Who is Jack Andraka

Jack Andraka was born in January 8, 1997 in Crownsville, Maryland. His parents like his dad is a civil engineer and his mother who is anesthetist. His hobbies/interests is being a member of the National Junior Wild water Team, folds origami, and likes to watch Glee and Bones. He also likes going kayaking.

His Achievements

Jack is an American inventor, scientist, and a cancer researcher. His goal was to find an easy way to detect cancer and he did. Why is that because he knew it would save lives. Hes made big changes finding an inexpensive and fast way to detect cancer at the age of 16. He inspired more people to do more research on cancer. Jack is real good to the world he doesn't defy the government like other activist hes doing a change that everyone would like.

Can he be seen as a Hero?

First of all what is a hero?

A hero is a person who is admired and has lots of courage having outstanding achievements or noble qualities. Jack falls into the definition of a hero so he is a hero. Being able to discover an inexpensive and easy way to detect cancer at the age of 16 is a outstanding achievement and a noble quality.