Room 9 News

April 2014

Spring Break

Wow! We are on our last break of the year and then your darlings are moving on to 3rd grade. Fastest year so far in my career.

Read on and see what we have been doing and where we are going when we get back. Enjoy the time with your kids.


Here is Alyssa's Tellagami on Looming history and what our class did together.

Helping Kids in Another Community

I still can't get over how much the kids gave to other kids their age in another country. The jog-a-thon will be held in May and this will also aid the school and another local school in need. We are hoping to have all of 2nd grade participate.

Here are the pictures we are sending with our letters to our Pen Pals in Kenya. We thought about including our class friend, Amani, since we are learning about gorillas and Koko.