Hurried Child Syndrome

This is a real thing and better be aware of it!!!

Definition of hurried child syndrome

A condition in which parents over schedule their kids lives, shove them for academic power, and expect them to be like adults.

Hurried Child Syndrome Around Here

Many kids that I have seen have experienced some sort of this syndrome. Parents are always wanting the best for their children, so they want them to succeed by learning more and faster at an early age.

Why this came to be

This came to be like this because a separation in the family or a death. Then this forces them to be more responsible and take on tasks that normally parents would do. Another way is if the parents are too highly expecting of the kids to do very well at everything. Then they expect to act like an adult all the time.

What can be done differently

What parents can do to prevent this is to just relax and let their kids be kids. They also need to stop over scheduling and expecting them to act like adults.

How bad is it

It has been the worse it has ever been! They are expected to know so much and excel at everything that they live no child like life and experience only the ways of adults. This is partially because of the increase of technology and usage.


It has even affected me. Do not think that you have ever been clear of it because chances are that if it is not your parents it is someone else parents or teachers.