Resources for Special Education

By Mary Jo Thicksten, South Librarian, 11/01/12


Did you know we have audiobooks?

Our collection is still growing, but we have many "Playaway" audiobooks for students to check out to use as they read a hard copy. These are personal MP3 devices that students can use privately, and easily. I've heard from many people that they are "confidence builders." I am currently working on some grants to get more!

Graphic Novels

We also have a growing selection of graphic novels. Many of these are fictional, but we also have quite a few covering historical topics, adaptations of literature, and others that are biographical. These can be really helpful with building confidence in struggling readers, and also increase engagement. The kids love them!

Hi-Lo Books

A collection that we are also growing, is that of our Hi-Lo books. These are "hi"gh interest, but "lo"w reading level. Many of the lexiles are between 4-7. Some are even lower. But, the books cover topics that are interesting to teens. If you have a students who really struggles, this might be a way to at least get them started and let them know that they can finish a book.

Our Online Databases and Streaming Video

Don't forget about our Facts on File Databases. To access these, visit the following link:

username: bentonvillehs

password: tigers

You can search by subject, or scroll down to the bottom to "Classroom Videos on Demand." There are multiple collections on all subjects.

Other Great Resources

Zap Reader

Zap reader enables students to read at 300 words per minute. it's interesting. Students can adjust the speed at which they read. This might be helpful for those who truly struggle with reading on grade level.

Today's Meet

Here is a really neat way for kids to participate in discussion. You may have some kiddos who are shy and don't want to speak up, but here is a great way they can chat and discuss online in class:

I'd be happy to conduct a "virtual discussion" with your kids in our new laptop lab! :)

Contact me!

Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions, concerns, or to set up a time to bring in your class!