lewis carroll



who is lewis carroll?the better question is who is Charles L. Dodgson? Any ideas? No,okay then dear reader prepare to to meet on true ly cool person. Oh you didn't know they were the same person nethir did I till this progect. So reader please open your imagination to a few hundred years in the past ( or two ) to 1832 England.

happy birthday charles Lutwidge dodgson

Friday, Jan. 27th 1832 at 9pm

Chester, England, United Kingdom

Chester, England

Look! Look!

Though the glass

Do you see the girl

Do you see the man

Off on her adventure

Him writing her book

Do you, do you know

What this means ?

It means that you

Yes you , opened your mind

And let your imzgation run wild

See him, see him

Writing those books

That you know

without reading

The story , the story

Was all it took

To catch the

World inside

It's drink me

Bottle and

Eat me pies

How can you

How can you not

Know Lewis Carrol

Story that never

Let's you ttrulely leave

So now


At all the

adventures you took

Goodbye dear reader

Hope to see you agian

Questions with Lewis carrol

How many books have you written?I have written 11mathmatical and 12works of literary books.

When was the first time you told Alice in Wonderland? The frost time I tolld Alice in wonderland it was July 4th 1862.

Who inspired Alice? My bosses daughter

How did you come up with the idea for the Cheshire cat? Cheese. Cheese ? Yes there were cheese molds in that shape.

What our who was the inspiration for the queen of hearts? Alice's governess

So your bosses daughter name was Alice? Yes

With how popular your books are have you ever talked aborad ? Yes, but only once in 1867. On the return trip I made stops in Germany France, and a few other places.

Why do you use the name Lewis Carrol instead of your birth name Charles Dodgson? I am a mathematician in order to keep my books respected I had to use a different name.

How did you come up with the mange Lewis Carrol? Lewis Carrol is Charles dodgson translated from Latin then back into English.

Thank you Mrs dodgson for your time.