Its Walla Walla Time

Pat Greene

Panic at the Disco!

It was January 22 1970, At the Hokey Pokey disco club,in Santa Barbra.An old man named Pat Greene was strolling down by a 711 and pat said he heard music that he liked.Pat finally arrived at the destination. The club was playing "Baby got Back" by MCHammer.Pat Payed to get into the club.Pat said he was getting his boogie on!When all of a sudden he heard gun shots. Pat screamed and ran but Pats running is more like a shuffle. Pat tripped over a small piece of glass from the shattered window. Luckly he fell because soon later the shooter ran for it.Pat has identified the shooter.The man That owned the Hokey Pokey disco club has not paid his bills for his fiat in 5 months.We have arrested the alleged shooter and he is in custody for 5 million dollars.