KSTM Newsletter

September 2021 2nd Edition

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OPS 21-22 Calendar

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KSTM Science Fair 2021

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  • Phase 1 of Science Fair is underway now through October 15 in science classes. They are reviewing science fair procedures, selecting a topic, forming a testable question, creating a project purpose, compiling an equipment/materials list, devising a hypothesis/variable, and designing an experiment. All students participate in this phase.

  • Students will be invited to Phase 2 of the process and it will be a collaborative discussion between staff members, the student, and their parents/guardians if they choose to participate.

  • We are excited to bring back the school-wide science fair and showcase the awesome scientists in the making that we have here at KSTM.

KSTM September 2021 Calendar

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All KSTM students were given 5 new washable masks this school year. Please make sure your student is wearing a mask to school every day. Masks are also required on school buses.

Health and safety is our priority. To protect students, staff and families, our district updated face covering requirements for the start of the 2021-22 school year. Students, staff and visitors must wear a face covering while inside our school. We care about our students, and we can work together to limit the spread of COVID-19. Our school will have face coverings available for those who need them.


A charged iPad is an important learning tool for every student, every day. Remind your student to bring their charged iPad to school everyday.

  • If your student does not have their iPad they must check in with the main office to make our building technology support aware.
  • If it was left at their elementary school last year, please contact the elementary school to ask that it be sent to KSTM.
  • If it was lost or stolen additional information will be provided to parents about the steps that need to be taken.


Our water fountains are not operational this school year. Students are permitted to bring a water bottle to school and are allowed to refill it throughout the school day.



Are you signed up for Parent Portal? Sign up today to have access to your student's attendance, grades, and missing assignments.

Email lori.kuhns@ops.org for your Activation Key.

Attendance Tidbits

  1. Chronic Absence counts ALL absences, emphasizes academic impact of missed days, and uses community-based, positive strategies. #SchoolMatters #SchoolEveryday. Whenever you are away from school for any reason beyond school activities, that is an absence.
  2. You may have a daily health issue. We're here to help you and keep you in school!

Attendance is being taken in every class, every day, for all students. If your student will be absent, please contact the school's attendance secretary by calling 531-299-2389. If you leave a voicemail, please include your student's name and the reason for the absence.

Did you know KSTM students are earning Class DoJo points in all of their classes?

We will recognize and reward students from every grade level for earning DoJo points! Students earn DoJo points in their classes for being:
  • Respectful
  • Responsible
  • Safe
  • Engaged
Connect with your student's classes in Class DoJo to keep track of their progress! Click below to sign up for ClassDojo!