Courageous People

By Jason Blubaugh

Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks

Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks both fought for the same cause: racism. These two people have many similarities, one example is that they both stood up for what they thought was right. They both were sent to jail for what they did. Both of them were very similar, but they also have a few differences.

Although they may seem the same, they are both very different. For example : they were motivated differently. Another reason would be that Rosa Parks had started the bus-boycotting, and triumphed in doing so. After she did, she was sent to jail. Martin Luther King Jr. decided that bus-boycotting wasn't his thing, but he stood up in other acts of non-violence. These two people were heroes in the Civil Rights Movement.
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Galileo Galilei

Galileo Galilei was born on February 15, 1564. At the age of 10 Galileo moved to Florence. At the age of 18, Galileo went to the University of Pisa to study medicine. (He wasn't always interested in astronomy) In 1585, Galileo was almost done with his studies, but his funding for college snapped and he had to leave. Despite differences, in 1589 Galileo is smart enough to go back to the University of Pisa, but not as a student. He was awarded the position of lecturer, although not many people liked him. In 1615, the Aristotelian scholars found out about what Galileo was doing, and decided to unite against him. Not too long after, the church banned him from ever coming back, because of his theories. (Galileo was Christian) In 1632, Galileo publishes his first ever book nicknamed "Dialogo". As soon as the pope reads this in 1633, Galileo was forced back to Rome and put on trial for countless charges. Being his old and weak self it was hard to travel back to Rome. The next year, Galileo was put on house arrest. Then finally on January 8, 1642 Galileo dies of fever and heart palpitations at the age of 77.
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Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. was an iconic figure in U.S. history, for his huge help in stopping racism. His journey to stopping it? Well, the overall problem was racism in the south, because blacks were being separated from the whites and given less and treated less. This made countless blacks furious, so they decided to risk their lives by taking action against authorities. Some took non-violent actions, like Martin Luther King Jr. but some took physical action. The whites still had practically all the control over the blacks. MLK Jr. however, found a solution.

Martin Luther King Jr. started to solve racism with non-violent actions. For example, he would white bathrooms, or sit at bars that were only meant for whites. The most famous of his non-violent action was his march from Selma to Montgomery. MLK Jr. new that could be killed or put in jail, but he is done with racism and decides to risk his life. This shows that Martin Luther King Jr. is truly a courageous guy.

Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks was a brave black woman in the days of segregation. She was also a leader in trying to abolish segregation. One famous event that you may know of is the bus boycott. When a white person needed a seat where Rosa parks was sitting, she refused to give it up. Therefore, she got thrown in jail, but that started a whole group of bus-boycotters. One day, they all didn't go on the bus altogether!

Another thing she did was march with MLK Jr. and others to Montgomery. She marched to try and finally end segregation. The whites were mad and finally gave up on segregation. Then at age 92 Rosa Parks died of age.

Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong... Why is he so special?

Neil Armstrong as you may know was the first man on the moon, but he did other very courageous things in his life to earn himself respect. Going to the moon is hard, and being the first he would need a lot of courage. They were other things however that led up to having the courage to walk on the moon.

So, what did he do?

In case you didn't know, Neil was also a Korean War Veteran. He was in the American Air Force. One day when he was dropping bombs on Korea, an anti-aircraft gun shot off his right wing. Somehow, he got back to friendly territory and ejected out of the plane. He was 21 years old. Another brave event was when he was testing a new X-15 which could reach speeds up to mach 6 (6 times the speed of sound). He overshot the airport and was able to land safely, almost missing trees strong enough to damage the plane. He was testing a lunar landing research vehicle, when it was about to crash and he jumped out just in time.

Wow, he's pretty brave.

Yes, he is. He's been through so many adversities that he had to be brave through or something bad would happen, like death or severe injury. I even wonder what would be going through his head!

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