By Kate

Size Of Wolves

Males weigh more than 100 pounds and females weigh less than males.Wolves stand 31in79cm tall at their shoulder.Females weigh usually 60 to 80 pounds.A pups weight at birth is one pound.Wolves can be a lot of pounds.

Speed Of Wolves

Speed of wolves

Usually a wolfs runs 31-37mph.A wolf runs really really fast kind of like the speed of a car.But a wolf can run up to 40 miles per hour.Some dogs are faster than wolves on shorter distances,but wolves are faster on longer distances.Wolves run about the speed of cars.
Running Wolves!

Wolf Talk

Wolves communicate with many body parts.Wolves learn to communicate when they are introduced to the pack.Wolves move their body to communicate.A wolf howls to bring the pack together.Wolves could not live without communication.

Species of wolves

Their are two different kinds of wolves in the world.One wolf is the gray wolf, and one wolf is the red wolf.The most seen wolf is the gray wolf.Red wolves do not form packs but gray wolves do.