Suburban Sprawl

Human Dependence Project

negitive on environment

Its is taking away animals homes and trees. Its is making less oxygen for use to breath because they are cutting them all down. mostly this happens in America because we are making so many homes and cutting down woods. The wildlife that is affected is owls deer squalls birds and more in other places. they are affected because they are losing there homes.

affects use in League city.

yes it dose we have a lot of people and they need space to make homes so they cut down the tress to make the new homes. soon there is not going to be places to make new homes in League city. people are affected by this the less trees there are the less oxygen there making so it could turn out really bad for use.

what caused this problem

people need homes because there are more and more people and they cut down the trees fore room to build homes.

To help this problem they making places wear you cant cut down trees are make homes there.

We could plant more trees and spread out the homes a little to put more trees.