News from Room 4

January 12, 2018

What we will be learning/doing Next Week:

* Language Arts Unit 3 Week 4- Being Creative

- Vocabulary: create, hobby, resourceful, inspire, structure

-Words to Know (read, spell, write):

- Grammar: Verbs- Is and Are

- Phonics: words with –oke, -ose, -ote, -ute, -ube

-Spelling: joke, nose, note, woke, cute, cube, chop, whale, old, new, spoke, close

- Skill: Draw Conclusions

Important Notes:

Recycled Creation

-In Language Arts we are reading about and discussing creativity. So, Monday, January 29th each student will create an individual Recycled Creation. Please send in clean boxes, string, cans, bottles, (make sure they are washed and no glass), etc., anything that is lying around your house. We will turn junk into masterpieces! We will display our finished product in the Media Center. Happy hunting!

-After School Enrichment:

The classes are starting Monday so sign up soon! There are great classes that the children love attending. It’s also a good way to avoid the after school traffic while providing your child a fun learning and social experience.

January's Community Service - The Great Kindness Challenge

Our school will be participating in The Great Kindness Challenge the week of Jan 22-26th. We will have a class checklist of different ways we will be showing kindness and keeping track of all the fun and loving things we can do. Feel free to enjoy the week of kindness at home as well.

HERE is a family checklist

HERE is a link to the website for more info and watch an inspiring GKC video

Valentine’s Day

-Before you know it Valentine’s Day will be here. We will be having a Valentine’s craft time on Wednesday, February 14th at 10:45-12:00. If you would like to Volunteer please let me know.

Here are a couple guidelines:

-If your child wants to participate, he/she must have a valentine for everyone in the class, not just some of the children.

-Your child must write the names on the outside of each envelope.

-Making valentines cards is a fun craft and the children really enjoy receiving homemade cards better than the store bought ones. So please start making valentine cards with your child. We will talk about how to create cards to give your child some ideas. (If you already bought them, that’s ok. It’s just a suggestion.)

Valentine's Craft Party

I need 4 parent volunteers who will help students at a craft station. Please email me if you're interested.

Valentine's Cards

-It is fine if you would like to attach a little candy treat however, because of our focus on heath, a pencil or small toy would be better but not required, kind notes are just as good.

Here is our class list to help you:

#1 Alison Huerta Lopez

#2 Ami Stein

#3 Bruno Camilo Aguilar

#4 Chance Chasan

#5 Daniel Suen

#6 Danika Balden

#7 Dustin Brown

#8 Dylan Ataii

#9 Elise Ponomarev

#10 Ellie Gamel

#11 Gabriella Gordon

#12 Greyden Speer

#13 Gwyneth Snell

#14 Joshua Harbrecht

#15 Lauren Adler

#16 Lukas Tsang

#17 Shivani Lotlikar

#18 Sophia Hamilton

#19 Thomas Califiore

#20 Valentina Harris

#21 Shiraze Kalantarian-Bryan

Happy Birthday to our January Birthdays!

Cole and Sophia talked about their experience swimming with dolphins!


To model informational texts (reading and writing) we are studying penguins. Ask your child to share their Fun Fact with you about penguins. This week it was all about penguins! We watched videos, read stories, wrote facts, made one and learned how to draw a penguin. Dylan shared his pictures about meeting a penguins over the holiday break! In the computer lab using the coding app Scratch Jr. we made penguin videos and shared them with the class.
Big image

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

We watched a Brainpop Jr video to learn about Dr. King's life, we studied vocabulary related to the video and then we took a quiz trying to remember all the details about Dr. King's important contributions to our history. We had a very loving class meeting about celebrating diversity and we also did a simulation modeling segregation. The biggest lesson we talked about was how Dr. King believed in non-violent protests and demonstrations. He wanted to change people's minds through their hearts. I hope you all have a wonderful day together on Monday celebrating Dr. King!
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We need more beads for our creations during Friday exploration time. Many students enjoy this fun hobby that helps with fine motor skills. You can purchase it at Michaels or Amazon. Thanks.


Here are some videos about our Key Vocabulary Words:





Here a few about Dr. King:




Upcoming Events:

-January 15th – Martin Luther King Holiday – No School

-January 16th- Enrichment Begins

-January 18th- Mrs. Campbell Off Campus for a math training

-January 17th and 19th- MAPS assessments

-January 22 - 26 Schoolwide: The Great Kindness Challenge

-February 14th at 10:45 Valentines Party

Planning Ahead! May 14th at 9am First Grade Parent Program - You WON'T want to miss this show!


Christy Campbell