minimum wage

darrian johnson

what is minimum wage

the lowest amount workers can be payed per hour. the federal amount for minimum wage is $7.25. Many people believe that minimum wage is is too low they are trying to make it higher every year. The highest minimum wage is 9.27$ and that is in Washington.

how does minimum wage impact us ?

minimum wage is important because you cant be unfair with pay. You cant over work people and pay them less money. There is a set amount and they cant pay you less than that. in our state (nc) we use the federal amount of 7.25

can minimum wage effect supply?

yes! many people are protesting. They will not work for such a low amount of money like i said above it is hard to work and provide for you and your family with such little money. It has been said in multiple occasions that "hard work deserves more pay", what they are saying by this is there is no point in working for such a little amount so less people are actual working jobs but working in a protest and making them think if they do make the minimum wage higher they will have no workers