Safe Surfing


Safety Tips

  • When your online remain as anonymous as possible on a site, or chat room. That means keeping all private information private.
  • Don’t give full name, home address, phone number, social security number, passwords, names of family members, and credit card numbers to anyone that you find on the internet!
  • If given to someone they could be able to contact you, and find where you live easily. Leave this personal information offline.
  • If you get bullying messages online, it's better to ignore them rather than answer them.
  • Cyberbullies (just like other bullies) may just be angry people, and trying to take it out on you, but ignore them, and tell someone.
  • They are probably just looking for attention. Don’t be intimidated by them, tell your parents or adult right away.
  • Ask your parents before downloading, opening, or sending e-mail attachments or computer programs.
  • Respect others online and they will respect you.