Challenge B: In Plain Sight

Destination Imagination Appraiser Training

Thank you for Volunteering!

Destination Imagination (DI) is the world's largest creativity program for children and young adults. It used to be called Odyssey of the Mind (OM), and there are appraisers and Challenge Masters who have been involved since the OM days. The future of DI, though, lies in the interests and efforts of new volunteers like yourself!

I appreciate your willingness to learn more about DI and to appraise at the Regional Mid-Cities Creativity tournament in Grand Prairie on Saturday February 27th. All appraisers must attend a training to prepare for the tournament to give the students the best experience. Mid-Cities Creativity is offering one big training on Saturday January 23rd in Grand Prairie. Breakfast is provided and appraisers, new and experienced, can expect to be done by noon.

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SMS Condensed Training: 2/11

Because so many of you Raider friends have graciously agreed to appraise together, I want to offer an alternative training closer to home for you. The condensed training will take two hours, and after looking over all of your replies to Beth, there really is not one day that is good for all of you.

So, the day I am suggesting is Thursday February 11th,

right after school 4p-6pm in the library.

If you don't think you can make this day work, then you should attend the Saturday training in Grand Prairie.

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Videos of previous challenge solutions.

videos of past solutions by teams of all ages