Friday Focus


District Championships tomorrow in Warrensburg

The Lady Liberators won 73-38 over Warrensburg last night and the Liberators also won going away 71-41 over Pleasant Hill.

The district championship game for both teams will be tomorrow in Warrensburg. The girls game will start at 1:00PM and the boys will be at 3:00PM.

We are organizing a pep bus that will leave at 11:00AM. If we have any faculty or staff that would like to ride the bus, I am seeking additional sponsors. Let me know.

New activity on Google Classroom

Be sure to visit the Faculty Google Classroom site for a new assignment. It is basically just a survey to get some input on possible literacy strategies for our building. We want to know what you think would be most helpful in your classroom, and then we will meet as a whole faculty on March 18 during Late Start to work with that strategy some.

It's been amazing to watch how the use of technology has grown this year around the building. It's great to see the new opportunities for learning even though we still have many limits on access. It makes me that much more excited for what is to come.

I know many of you are using Google Classroom with your students. If you are not, that is not a strike against you. The only expectation is for teachers to start learning Google Classrooms themselves so that you are ready. But I'm curious how many have used it already. I would like for all teachers to respond to the one-question survey at the following link: Google Classroom Survey.

Feedback for teachers

The last couple of weeks were filled with meetings with our teaching staff as we were reviewing summative evaluations. Thanks everyone for what you shared about the great things happening in your classrooms.

Keep in mind that whatever feedback I provide you is from one limited perspective. There are many other ways for you collect information to know how you are impacting learning. Great teachers and leaders seek this feedback. I wrote a blogpost about this a while back:

Ideas for teacher feedback that are superior to teacher evalation

I would never go to a doctor who says, "I've been doing this for 20 years. I don't need to read articles or attend trainings anymore."