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Lakeshore Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center

About Lakeshore Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center

Chicago-based Lakeshore Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center provides compassionate and innovative care to individuals recovering from illness or injury. At Lakeshore Healthcare and Rehab, each patient receives a customized care plan to support his or her individual journey to improved health. The team of clinical specialists aims to provide care that helps each patient attain the highest possible levels of function, form, and independence.

When patients arrive at the center, the admissions team walks each individual through the admissions process and helps the new resident adjust to the new facility. During their stay, patients dwell in updated living environments that provide the comforts of home. Lakeshore Healthcare and Rehab also offers a quality dining experience for patients by offering a wide range of menu choices that cater to individual dietary requirements.

Prior to discharge, the center's rehabilitative specialists and social workers ensure that each patient has the skills and resources needed to adapt to life at home or in another care environment. Whether patients require ongoing nursing support, assistive devices, or other provisions, the center's caring team helps make necessary arrangements for patients.