A Series of Unfortunate Events:1

Ryan O'Toole-Period 2


Lemony Snicket

lexile- 1010



The character who changed the most is Count Olaf. He was nice when he met the children first. He just kept getting meaner throughout the book. But then at the end he tried marrying Violet for the family fortune.

A major character is Violet. She is a major character because she protects Klaus and Sunny from Count Olaf. She has a plan the whole time and is very sneaky.


The ending of my book is efective because, it made me want to read the whole series. My ending is Count Olaf trying to marry Violet for there family fortune. When Violet has to sine the papers she uses her non dominate hand. So that means its not official. Then Count Olaf gets away with his friends when the call the cops.

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events Trailer