Music with Mr. Mike

October 14, 2016

Mr. Mike from Rock & Roll After School

Mr. Mike is super fun and we have really been enjoying music with him! Check out the link below for a little more information on Mr. Mike!

Rain Game

The Rain Game is all about rhythms. We "splash" and that's 2 beats. "Drip drop" is 1 beat and "pitter-patter" is a half beat. We used rhythm sticks to play these beats to different music. Mr. Mike showed us the parts of the guitar and then we each had a turn strumming either a guitar or ukelele. Check out the videos below!

Rhythm Sticks with Mr. Mike

Charlotte, Katelyn & David

Carter T, Katelyn, George & Carter B

Robert, Owen, Livia, Addison

Samantha, Colin, Eli & Jaxxon

More to Come!!!

We've been having so much fun! I will continue to update what we are doing in Music!