Room 3 News!

What happened in 5th grade this month?!?

Thank you!

First off, I want to thank all of the parents who have been so patient and helpful in the last few transition weeks!! We're getting our routines down as a class, and everything has improved exponentially. Secondly, I will be sending out these newsletters once a month (probably near the end) to show the families what we have done, and what we plan on doing over the next month. :) I have been (slowly but surely) getting our class website up and running. Again, thank you with your patience with this, as I did put it off until I got the kids a little bit more settled in the classroom and in our daily routines. It is up! There are some pages on the site that are still under construction, but the link is up on our Sycamore Valley home site-or you could just check it out right HERE.

Scholastic Book Club!

Finally! It's here! I don't know if your student gets as excited as I did when there was a scholastic book order, but they should! I have set up our class on, and we will be receiving a book order packet in the next Shark folders. Can wait that long?! You can click HERE and go online to place your order. Our class code this year is PBTJD.

Some of the things we've been doing this Month.

Splash into Writing

This month we focused on our personal narratives during Writer's Workshop. We were able to think of different ways to remember large events in our lives, be it a person, a place, or a time that something happened. Our students have recently started writing, but they have already raised the bar and have become such powerful writers. The students will edit their personal narratives and publish them early next month.

QB Club

Our Quarterback Club has gotten off to a great start!!! Our students had a draft where they were able to pick their own NFL team. We follow our teams the whole season, while also trying to predict which teams will win each week. We then turn our predictions into fractions, decimals and percentages. Although the first couple weeks we are all pretty much flying blind, some of the students have started seeing the trends of some of the teams-who wins at home? who wins away? Ask you children what team the represent in our classroom this weekend!


During Math Rotations we worked hard on learning Place Value and we've now just started Adding and Subtracting Decimals. Most of the rotations have done, or will do, an assignment regarding ordering food at a restaurant with a given amount of money and exactly how much we can spend. This will link our learning to real life experiences for the students, and give it a little more value: hey-we actually use this everyday! Invite your children to try and figure out how much the bill is when you go out to eat this weekend. Or, have them try to estimate how much the grocery bill is going to be!

Art Docent this Month- Foil Tooling

Social Studies

In Social Studies the students have been working hard on starting to learn a little bit more about Geography. Not only have we learned about latitude and longitude, but we've even talked about water and landforms. Ask your student what their charade was this week! ;-)

We are also hard at work on our State Powerpoint Presentations-just take a look at the pictures above! This presentation will be due this month, and should be completed mostly in class. We are also going to be starting to research all of the states individually heading into this next month.