IPL Laser Treatment

Intense Pulse Light Laser Treatment by Dr Troell

Why People Select IPL Laser Treatment?

Intense Pulsed Light or IPL laser treatment is also known as photo facial treatment or photo rejuvenation treatment. It is a non-surgical cosmetic skin procedure that is often used to prevent skin irregularities and other signs of aging.

Intense Pulsed Light laser treatment patients broadly differ in skin condition and age. Patients with remedial goals often use IPL to lessen skin irregularities caused by sun damaged. Skin discoloration or hyper pigmentation occurs in the type of liver spots and age spots. Another type of skin discoloration is melasmas. It is caused by menopause or pregnancy. IPL patients also make use of the treatment to avoid the occurrence of stretch marks, scars and birthmarks. Wrinkles and fine lines can be removed with multiple sessions. Patients with less, younger problematic skin are using this treatment as anti-aging solution, usually want an overall enhanced complexion to have a more even skin tone and the glow of a new layer of skin cells. Different versions of IPL technology are used to target various skin structures and that version is designed depends on the patient’s wanted laser treatment results. The most important benefit of selecting intense pulsed light laser treatment over other types of laser treatments is that IPL technology is non-ablative.
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