August 30, 2013


This has been a productive week in 1.4. Our students have already begun to establish procedures and hold each other accountable for their learning. They have displayed kindness, generosity, and helpfulness during small and whole groups. I am humbled by their potential!

featuring Miguel!

Miguel was our first star student this week! He brought cake to share with his classmates and teachers- much to our delight! Thanks Miguel!

everyday math

In math this week we continued to learn about tally marks, greater than and less than, and comparing numbers. We also took time to explore a variety of materials and practice cooperation within a small group. The students used rock, paper, scissors amongst other techniques to delegate tasks and take turns. We will have our unit one assessment this upcoming week.


We have really built our stamina in all three components of our daily 5 (Read to self, read to someone, and work on writing)! The students are learning how to work independently on meaningful work, allowing Ms Sonia and me valuable one on one time with students. We will start Running Records with the students next week, which means we will be assessing their strengths and weaknesses. Once finished with those assessments we will be able to better target instruction to the individual needs.

We are in our second week of focus of capitalization and punctuation. We have read many ABC books to talk about upper and lowercase letters and were inspired to create our own. After an invigorating brainstorm session we decided on a fruits and vegetables theme alphabet book, but not just any fruits and vegetables ABC book- these fruits and vegetables are running away from the reader! Look forward to getting your copy in the near future!


We didn’t just talk about our 5 senses this week, we used them. We had a mystery bag activity where the students used their ears to listen, their noses to smell, their fingers to touch, their eyes to see, and finally their mouths to taste! Our poem for the week was actually a song about the 5 senses. It’s catchy and the students really like it. Feel free to listen to it at home!

5 senses


Spelling words are in the agendas this week and will be included in the homework I send home on Monday. Tests will occur every Friday.
MAP testing has been pushed back until the week of September 9th.
The RAZkids website is a read to self option for your child when counting reading time in homework every day. It is not mandatory but it is encouraged as a literary resource.