Lincoln Street News

October 2017

Message from the Principal

Dear families,

I cannot believe we are on our 5th week of this school year already! We are so excited about our successful beginning of the school year. Teachers have been working hard on building relationships with their students, creating a culture of learning and supporting each other in their learning career. It is crucial that students understand why their education is important and apply what they are learning in their every day lives.

We continue to emphasize the importance of reading every day at home and practicing what they are learning in school with their family. Please take a few minutes to talk to your student about how important it is to read at home and how they are using their reading, writing, math, science, and other skills at home. Please take time these two days of no school to talk about what they are currently learning in their class and practice together.

We love seeing our students excited and engaged in their own learning.

Attendance Matters

We are trying something new this year to encourage students to come to class every day- a school-wide, friendly competition to see which class can get the highest attendance each week. The winning class is rewarded with a party.

Last week's winners:

3. Mrs. Godfrey's 2nd grade at 98.27%

2. Mrs. Schmidt's 4th grade at 98.58%

1. Ms. Barcenas' 3rd grade at 98.97%

First Spirit Assembly of the year

On Friday, September 29, we celebrated our first Spirit Assembly of the school year. Students sang the Lincoln Street pledge, 6th graders competed against their teachers, and we spun the wheel to determine next month's dress up theme - SPORTS!

Talented and Gifted Students (TAG)

Parents are welcome to refer their child for services designed for students identified as talented and gifted. Students who score at or above the 97th percentile on a nationally standardized, norm-referenced test of overall reading or math or on a mental abilities test, and have other confirming evidence that they learn at a rapid rate and advanced level, are identified as TAG students. With parent input, individual plans are made to adjust the rate and level of the student’s instruction to meet his or her specific needs.

If you think your child may qualify for TAG services, and want information about the referral and identification process, please contact: Trina Nees.

Spreading the love

Sixth grade students created posters for each classroom teacher. They came up with motivational messages and anecdotes to share with teachers throughout the school in order to promote a positive climate and culture for all.

Flexible seating

Flexible seating arrangements in Mrs. Nees' class helps her students relax while they read.


October 12- Teacher Prep Day

October 13- No School