3rd six weeks

by kinsleigh

Sensory language.

The aroma of the animals burnt my nose. ~smell

The loud monkey hurt my ears~ listen

My feet were sore from walking all around.~feel

The bars protected me from the animals.~ see

The food was heaven. ~taste


Everything was dark, the trees and flowers drooped. There was no purpose in smiling. I felt blue. i walked slow and dragged myself behind. The day felt like it was never going to end.


The sun was extra bright. I could fly to the moon and back. The smile could not leave my face. I could give a million hugs. As i skipped the flowers swayed and the trees danced.


My face was boiling hot. Fire was shooting out of my head. I left a trail of lava as i walked. I could smash a hundred buildings.


Plot Development

Introduction~ Beginning of the story.Introduces •conflict•character•setting

Rising action~events before the climax, characters attempt to solve the problem but fails.

climax~ The turning point of the story, the point of the greatest suspense or action.

falling action~ actions and events that occur after the climax.

Resolution~End of the story where the conflicts or problems are solved.

Character devolopment

Describing a character by personality, emotions, or looks to others. Also the reader learns more about them as they go on through the story.


The setting is the in which a story or event takes place

The sand was burning hot, the water was salty and the ice cream melted down my hand as the sun shined down on me.

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Hook statement.

The first sentence or last sentence in a story that is eye catching.

Point Of View.

The narrator's position in relation to the story being told.


1st person.

3rd person,


A paper giving your basic information of your story.

Characters, setting, what happened, setting, problem and solution.


The end of the story were every thing ties together and the problem is solved.