European Country, Czech Republic

Matthew Alves 8N

Czech Republic

The capital of Czech Republic is Prague. The flag of this country from left to right is a blue triangle or truth, loyalty and fair. The next part of the flag is a white top meaning peace and a red bottom meaning strength. The type of government they have is a parliamentary democracy which means it is a limited government. The leader is Miloš Zeman. The leaders are chosen by votes from the people. The people's human rights are freedom of speech and religion, and peace and privacy. The main language is Czech which is the official language. The types of food they have potato soup, beef goulash which has thick beef stew with dumplings, boiled soup, crepes filled with jam and the beverage is beer, soda, tea, coffee, or mineral water which is a variety of types of juices like apple juice or orange juice. 2 things from the history of Czech Republic is it was invaded Hitler's army in January 1, 1993 because Britain, Germany, France and Italy signed a Munich Pact allowing them to claim Czechoslovakia's border area. Another piece of history is Czechoslovakia peacefully splits it to 2 independent countries which are Czech Republic and Slovakia. 2 aspects i picked to compare to United States was the religion and government. The religions that they both have the religion Roman Catholic and Protestant and both of their government is a limited government. The country is surrounded by Poland, Germany, Slovakia and Austria. Some of the major land forms are the Carpathian Mountains and the Moruya River. The life expectancy is 78 years and the literacy rate is 99% for males and 99% for females. Also the birth rate is 9.79 out of 1,000 people. The type of money they use is called Czech Crown. The climate in Czech Republic is marine west coast.