December Chickasaw Chatter

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A Note from CES Principal, Mrs. Nichols

Hello Champion Families!

Here we are in the month of December! The school year is almost half of the way through and shortly after we return from the holiday break we will be preparing to celebrate the hundredth day of school! Holiday decorations are sprouting up everywhere as families in our area begin their thinking about holiday shopping, vacation plans, and dinner menus. Many of our evenings and weekends will be spent getting ready for holiday celebrations. While visions of sugar plums, reindeer and peppermint mocha may arise at times, our Champions still continue to have math facts, favorite books and learning dancing through their heads. Please help us encourage our students to stay as focused possible and include homework and study time in your holiday least until December 18th!

Looking for a few gift ideas, especially ones that don’t cost a lot of money? This holiday season gives your child and family the gift of time. Relax at a park for a day and have a picnic. Take a nature walk. Visit the local library. Enjoy a meal together as a family. Have a night in with the family and play a favorite board game. The most important things in life are family and friends, so this holiday season make an effort to spend quality time with both. As parents, you are extremely important to your children. This month, make it a goal to spend an evening, day or weekend with them. Remember, bigger is not necessarily better. The time you spend with them does not have to be at a theme park or fancy resort!! It can be reading a book together, playing catch, decorating cookies, or telling stories together. This is the time to provide your child with the memories he/she will never forget. The holiday season is all about giving, and the quality time you spend together can be better than anything wrapped up in a bow under the tree!
Pleaser remember that students should continue to read, write and practice their math facts over winter vacation! Reading and writing can be about topics they enjoy and share with parents and siblings alike. Students can also write some resolutions to ring in 2021!

To all of our Chickasaw families, warmest holiday wishes and here’s to a prosperous new year for all!

This Month's BIG Idea

Our BIG idea for December is generosity. Generosity is making someone's day by giving something away. You can show GENEROSITY by:

  • Use your allowance to buy something for someone else.
  • Start a collection with some friends (canned food for a food bank, socks for a shelter).
  • Let your siblings borrow something of yours.

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Don't be a Grinch!

Join us in celebrating the holiday season! CES will have holiday spirit week December 14-18. See below for the instructions for each day.

· Monday, 12/14-Holiday Sock Day-Let’s start the week by wearing Christmas socks! Roll up your pants. Show off that Christmas spirit!

· Tuesday, 12/15- Holiday Sweater Day-Show your holiday cheer by pulling out those sweaters of holidays’ past. Reindeer, snowflakes, or wreath prints, jingle bells, too---wear your Christmas sweater and be of good cheer!

· Wednesday, 12/16- Candy Cane Day-Wear your red and white stripes. This will be a sweet day!

· Thursday, 12/17-Holiday Character Day-Elves, reindeer, Santa, the list goes on and on! Let’s fill the halls with holiday characters.

· Friday, 12/18-Pajama Day-Extra points if your PJs are the colors of the season or holiday PJs!

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Christmas Holidays December 21-January 4

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Mark Your Calendars

12/1-OB Sock Sales Begin

12/7-Mitten Tree Donations Begin

12/14-Holiday Sock Day

12/15 Holiday Sweater Day

12/16-Candy Cane Day, Make-Up Picture Day

12/17-Holiday Character Day

12/18-Pajama Day, Mitten Tree Donations and OB Sock Sales End

12/21-1/4-Christmas Holidays

1/5-Students Return