What is Perseverance?

By Kennedy Wyles

Definition of Perseverance

To me, the definition of perseverance is to never yield and to push yourself to reach your goals. You must have resolve and resilience to overcome your adversities and persevere. Even if you falter, you must keep going.

Jackie Robinson and Eleanor Roosevelt- Compare/Contrast

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Leroy Sutton- Cause and Effect

When a man named Leroy Sutton got hit by a train, it affected him greatly. Since he had no legs he had to learn how to use a wheelchair and climb up the stairs. Another result is that he had to be carried by his friend to all of his wrestling matches. Leroy overcame all of these adversities and even managed to raise a child. Because of these outcomes, it is important that we work as hard as we can to reach our goals, no matter how bad it gets.
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Stephen J. Cannel- Sequence

After getting kicked out out three schools due to inadequate grades, Stephen J. Cannel discovered that he had dyslexia. His first step to overcoming this adversity was getting a football scholarship to the University of Oregon, that he later lost because of his poor grades. Later on, he met Ralph Salisbury, a creative writing professor who taught him how to write. From that moment, Stephen decided to become a professional writer. Next he sold his first script for a television series called Adam 12, which started off his career. Finally, he wrote many other famous series such as The Rockford Files, Baretta, The A-Team, Hunter, Riptide, Wiseguy, and the Commish. These are the steps Stephen took in order to persevere.

Winston Churchill- Problem/Solution

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Tom Monaghan -Description

Tom Monaghan had many adversities, but the main adversity that he had was when he was responsible for $75,000 in debt. Tom first started out his business with his brother, Jim. Jim had a job at the post office, so he didn't have much time to devote to the business, so Tom had to find another partner. The partnership quickly fell when he wouldn't pay the $500. His partner later landed in the hospital and asked to dissolve the partnership. After it was dissolved, his ex-partner declared bankruptcy, and was responsible for $75,000 in debt. This describes one of Tom Monaghan’s biggest and worst adversity.

What We Can Learn

From the perseverance of others, we can learn to never give up, even if we have reasons to. Everyone makes mistakes once and a while, but they must learn to keep working to achieve their goals. Everyday people encounter adversities. Amy Purdy (Paralympic bronze winner with two amputated legs), and Bethany Hamilton (professional surfer with only one arm) and many more were faced with great adversities, but they never gave up and neither should anyone else.