Mr Mason beliefs ........

in the Apostles creed and Nicene

who is mr Mason?

Mr Mason is a lovely man how is 55 years old. He has 2 grandchildren and is an assistant principal of jubilee primary school. He is 55 years old. Also is a catholic.

language of creed

Mr Mason said that both of the creeds are about belief statements. They are also a common language like a motto, Mission or a team song. What really stands out about the creeds are I/We, for us and for our sake.

Timeless words to live by

The creeds and your belief's are timeless. Things change but your belief's don't. Mr mason refers to bace your choices in challenging times. The creeds summarise him as a christian, grounds him. Also conducts himself according to his faith and belief's.

powerful benefits of creed?

Mr Mason said that every one has a belief in some thing. The benefits of the creeds are the language, the sense that you are apart of something bigger then yourself and the sense of direction and porpoise. Appels be apart of us and clear basis or bond easy and clear ways.

What the creed means to me?

The creed is a belief statement and helps me to go through what ever pain or troubles I have through every day to day life. The creed helps me to succeed. when I have to do some thing that I,m afraid of doing I think that God and Jesus will always be with me. I believe in my self. When I first read the creed I thought of when I was young because my great grandfather always said that when ever you believe you will succeed in what ever you do. So both the creeds bring back memories of me with my great grandfather.