Southern Glamour Team Recognition

May 2015

Greetings Southern Glamour Girls!!

Yes, that is right! If you are receiving this email then it is because you are a Southern Glamour Girl! That was the name that won our team contest a few weeks back. Now that we have several people on our team, I thought it was time we had our own newsletter. So this is the first one, of hopefully many, to come! In this newsletter, we will celebrate successes in our business such as personal volume, promotions, sponsoring, etc... I have met many of you, but some people I have not. Please reach out thru email to me and let me help you get your business going! Remember that Initial Outfitters is set up as a home-party business. If you really want to jump start your business, home parties are the way to go! I am challenging each of you to call 10 friends or acquaintances and see how many parties you can get booked this month. Those first 10 calls are the hardest, but I promise you they will set you up for future business by getting bookings at those! So let's get this Southern Glamour Girl party started! What do you say??

Who Did What This Month??

Personal Volume Goals

Look who QUALIFIED this month ($500 PV or higher):

=> Jessica Alvarez

=> Lori Slott

Look who POPPED this month ($1200 PV or higher):

=> Marcy Pavlock

Consistency Bonus Goals

$500 Consistency Bonus (sold over $500 for 3 months = 5% raise in commissions):

=> Lori Slott

$1200 Consistency Bonus (sold over $1200 for 3 months = 7.5% raise in commissions):

=> Marcy Pavlock

Sponsoring Goals

Who sponsored 1 new person this month?:

=> Julie Grim

=> Marcy Pavlock

Welcome to our new team members who joined in May!!!!

=> Cathy Bergstrom

=> Jessica Alvarez

News and Announcements

Have you heard about the Charlie's Angels retreat that is taking place the first weekend in October? If you qualified or popped in April and May, then you are on track to earn this trip! All you have to do is qualify in April-July, pop in two of those months, and be paid as Sr. Outfitter during June and July. Being paid as Sr. Outfitter is so reachable for some of you! All you have to do is get two people under you and they have to reach $500 in Personal Volume during June and July! So what are you waiting on? Gulfshores, Alabama awaits!!!

Also, if you are interested in going to National Conference in Auburn, Alabama on July 24-25, please get with me and I will get you the details! I joined right after conference last year so this is my first one. I would love for some of you to join me!

Team Goal for the Month

Become an Outfitter Leader Team!!! What does that take?

$6500 group volume

4 people qualifying in our level 1 team!! We are almost there!!

Let's do this team!!!

Team Challenge for the Month

Email me the following statement with your answers included:

I am on track to helping our team become an Outfitter Leader team. I have ___ parties and ____ catalog parties lined up for June. I am working with ____ people who might be interested in joining IO.

If you email me your response by Friday, June 5, your name will be put in a drawing for a piece of IO jewelry!!!!

If you take my challenge about calling 10 people and asking them to book a party in June or July and send me your results from those 10 people (yes, no, or maybe) by Wednesday morning, then you will be put in a drawing for the turquoise wing charm!

Let's party like crazy in June and July to set us up for a FABULOUS FALL!!!!!!