ancient mesopotamia (ancient iraq)

by:alec shilling


The first invaders of ancient Mesopotamia were the Hittites. they used chariots to battle but were still taken over by the kassites, who were defeated and conquered by the assyrias. The assyrians were then attacked by invaders, that hurt the Assyrian empire for 300 years before they were finally back to normal condition. Unfortunately the Assyrians were then taken over by the Chaldeans in a time of weakness.the picture on the right is an example of the Hittites chariots.


ancient mesopotamia was mainly a democracy, the Sumerians, the first people of ancient Mesopotamia, usually elected a group of leaders to lead them and help them make decisions.

education system

it has been proved that the ancient Sumerians first created education by schools.the Sumerian way of teaching started around 3000 BC, shortly after writing itself had been created.the main proof that the Sumerians invented school is in the many tablets of homework found, some even graded with teachers writing on it!

ancient Mesopotamian literature

ancient mesopotamians used clay tablets to write on and used wedge shaped letters. an example of mesopotamian literature can be found in the slide above.many ancient mesopotamian literatures have been made.