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Westbrook Trying Hard

“He’s an amazing player. He’s on a hot streak, but our team is playing well. That’s what he’s about,” coach Scott Brooks said after Thursday’s game.Russell is about winning. He’s about winning only.”His triple double streak came to an end, but Westbrook became the first player in franchise history with three straight 40-point games.

Video Game ( watch_dogs) review

"Watch_Dogs" takes players to an alternative version of Chicago where the city's infrastructure is controlled by a massive computer system. Security cameras, traffic lights and drawbridges are all connected, providing security and efficiency to the city at the cost of privacy and autonomy. As expert hacker Aiden Pearce, gamers are given access to the underside of this abusable interconnected system.
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Deaf Babies

Born deaf, the toddler received cochlear implants seven months ago. He and his mother use FaceTime video chat to have hour-long sessions in Spanish with a speech therapist who is helping the boy learn how to listen and understand the new sounds. BabyTalk, the innovative program is part of a joint partnership between Stanford University and the Weingarten Children's Center, a Redwood City, Calif., school for children who are deaf and hard of hearing. Funded by a $260,000 three-year grant, the program can serve up to 30 children at a time.
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