Scott Joplin

Personal Information

  • Born in November 24, 1868
  • Well-mannered

  • Modest
  • Well-spoken
  • Possess perfect pitch
  • Can play piano, violin, cornet, and sing

Career Objective

A career in music that would utilize my experience and intelligence as a composer.


Self employed from 1880's-1917


  • Adapted himself to learn music
  • Graduated from Lincoln High School
  • Attended music classes George R. Smith College


  • Composed the popular Maple Leaf Rag
  • Evolved the ragtime melody into something like classical music
  • Titled "King of Ragtime Writers"


  • Won the Pulitzer prize in contribution to American music


  • Publishers
  1. John Stark
  2. Seminary Music
  3. Jos. W. Stern
  • Music Teacher
  1. Julius Weiss
  • Fellow Composer
  1. Joseph Lamb