Lombardi's Eagle Flyer

Coming Up

  • This coming Wednesday, February 3rd we are going on a field trip to the Water Reclamation Center. We will plan to leave around 10:30 and will be back around noon (in time for lunch). Please let Carla McCorvey know if you are able to drive!

  • February 6th: HDS Auction

  • February 12th: Valentines Party

  • February 15th-16th: No School- President’s Day and Teacher In-Service Day

Upcoming Special Snacks

Thank you Carla McCorvey for the chocolate cupcakes!

2/5 - National Chocolate Fondue Day - Alison Smith

2/12 - Valentines Day Party - Emily Jones, Cathy Baxter, Stephanie Tallevast, and Tina Youmans

2/19 - Nathan's Birthday

2/26 - National Tortilla Chip Day

**I have been thinking that it would be a good idea to start making special snack a little more healthy/not always sweets. We could leave the sweets for birthdays. What do you guys think? Maybe we could get it going after this coming Friday.**

Check Out Padlet!


I am mainly using Padlet to organize videos for the students and you to watch! There are sections for ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Cool Stuff.

There will be videos that explain or show concepts that we have been reviewing in class, as well as videos that I create to help the students understand the content and for you guys see how I am teaching/explaining/modeling a concept.

Week At A Glance

Monday C - Holes Paragraph Due (most finished and turned in during class)

Tuesday D - Unit 5 Math Test (review composition notebook and math journal - also look at the "padlet" link to watch me explain some things students will need to know) and Dictation Quiz

Wednesday E - Language Arts Sentence Parts Test (review composition notebook and sentence parts packet)

Thursday A - Spelling Quiz and Chapter 8 Lesson 5 Science Quiz (review book and science packet)

Friday B

Some More Information

Reading & Writing

  • Holes by Louis Sachar-- 1st Week Reading responses and Extended Reading Response due Monday. We will start reading Chapter 8 next week.

  • Scholastic News



  • Unit 5: Fractions, Mixed-Number Computations, and Measurement

  • Unit 5 Test Tuesday-- study guide will go home Monday

Language Arts

  • Sentences and Sentence Parts + Diagramming Sentences

  • Test Wednesday: Concepts to Review: Subjects & Verbs in sentences; using correct verb forms; making nouns plural; kinds of sentences (declarative, imperative, interrogative, exclamatory); creating original sentences; diagramming.

  • Review Games:

  • Weekly Journal and DLR

Social Studies

  • Chapter 9: We will start studying The French and Indian War (look at Padlet to see a preview video)


  • Chapter 8 Lesson 5 Quiz Thursday Water Please! Field Trip Wednesday

Diagramming Subjects and Verbs Video

Diagramming Subjects and Verbs Video