Don't make them regret it

1. Be clear from the beginning

It's not fair for your roommate to have to pick up on your little quirks on their own. As soon as you can let them know before a problem that could have been avoided with a simple conversation happens.

2. Respect your roommates stuff

You may think its okay to borrow her shirt for a date night but you could be crossing a line that causes way bigger problems then needed. Just ask for permission before borrowing or touching their things.
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3. Be open to new things

You might get a roommate who was brought up a completely different way then you. And y'all might do things a little differently. To stop a problem before it occurs be open to new things.
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4. Be careful on who you bring into the room and how often they are there.

You do not want to be disrespectful to your roommate by having a bunch of friends in your room or your boyfriend in there when she is trying to study or just doesn't want people in there. Just be minded of the situation.
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5. Compromise

You don't have to make rules for each other because you each can handle yourselves but you should learn to negotiate and compromise to make things a lot easier for the both of you in the end.
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