The Progressive Era

By: Yvonne Ayala

describe the historical importance of each, how and why did it impact history

The Progressives

what were their motives? what were the causes of the progressive movement?

The Progressives were college educated people who believed that the government could be changed for the better, but that they had to be involved in order to solve existing problems. They wanted the government to take a more active role in solving problems in society and "restoring order and protecting the welfare of Americans by conservation and environmental reforms" ( They mostly focused on trying to fix problems in industrialization, urbanization, immigration, and corruption in government. They did a lot of social activism and political reform to help.


Susan B Anthony, Ida B. Wells and Alice Paul among the few, played a huge role in the women's suffrage movement

Social Reform

Women's rights was one of the many social reform that I think was important. Women were treated as inferior to men and were missing out on jobs, education and basic well deserved rights. Women suffragist really helped make a change in this.

The Progressive Amendments

How did they impact our nation?

16th amendment- Was on taxes, if it was not for this amendment all Americans would be taking home 100% of their paycheck instead of giving a portion of it to the government.

17th amendment- Direct Election of U.S Senators. Americans did not directly vote for senators for the first 125 years of the Federal Government.

18th amendment- Prohibiting alcohol, it seemed to have a negative impact for it increased crime rates.

19th amendment- Gave women the right to vote

This was a huge accomplishment for women suffrage supporters.