Malicious Software

What is it?

Malware is any software that is created and sent out into the web to inflict damage. Viruses, trojan horses, and spyware are all forms of malware. Viruses usually appear in email attachments. When opened, they infect one's computer and can copy themselves and send themselves to other computers. Trojan horses allow someone else to access the user's computer without the user knowing. Spyware secretly takes a user's information like social security or bank account number.

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Avoiding Malware

The cheapest way to stay away from malware is common sense. Don't go clicking on links randomly without thinking about what you're doing first. AnitVirus software is another tool that protects against malware. AntiVirus software is a program one can download on one's computer that updates everyday with a list of viruses and other harmful malware. It will check for these harmful things when one clicks on links. A firewall also helps by creating a barrier between one's computer and the Internet. The use can okay or deny a website from accessing one's computer.

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