Week of January 13, 2014

This Week in Room 120


  • What a CRAZY week last week was! i am looking forward to a normal week! We will be completing a lot of the work from last week that we didn't get to. You may not see many changes in the subject sections below.
  • Tuesday afternoon will bring a presentation called "Teens Against Bullying".
  • Friday afternoon will be spent on a tour of the Ho-Chunk Tribal Court Building and the Executive Building.

Reader's Workshop

We will be starting a study of nonfiction books this week. These books will be informational books. The students will be choosing 2-3 informational books to focus on throughout the next few weeks. This week we will be exploring graphic features, such as charts, diagrams, captions, etc. We will also be exploring organizational features, such as table of contents, index, glossary, etc. We will be working hard to discover how the body of text is important, as well as the information that is outside of the main body of text.

Writer's Workshop

This week we will be looking at writing dialogue correctly. This is a difficult skill for fifth graders so we will be coming back to it often this year!

We are also going to discuss word choice this week. We will be discussing how to choose "strong verbs" and "strong nouns" to add specificity to our writing.

Word Study

This week we will be studying the suffix -ly which creates an adverb.

We will be looking at how some words keep an e before adding ly and how some words drop the e before adding ly. We will be looking for patterns in order to determine a rule about this ending.

Some of the words we will be studying:

sincerely, responsibly, subtly, acutely


We will continue working with fractions and mixed numbers this week:

  • We will be working on converting mixed numbers to improper fractions and back.
  • We will be working with word problems that contain mixed numbers and improper fractions.
  • We will be simplifying fractions.
  • We will also be ordering fractions and mixed numbers by finding equivalent fractions.
We should be ready to take the unit test on fractions next week!