Weekend Update

11/14 - 11/15

Check Your Grades

Please go to the My Grades tab and see if you have assignments that are marked with 0s or have not been submitted yet from lessons 8 - 10. Many students are missing assignments this nine weeks, especially the Linguafolio assignment from Module 3. If you have not done this yet, please watch the video below for step - by - step instructions on how to do this assignment.

Overdue Assignments

Many of you have assignments from Lessons 8 and 9 that are overdue!

You should have already submitted the following assignments:

  1. All items from Lessons 8 and 9
  2. Lesson 10 Writing Assignment
  3. Lesson 10 Culture Discussion
  4. Lesson 10 Speaking Assignment
  5. Module 3 Linguafolio

If you have not completed any of the tasks above, please wrap them up and submit them so you are on pace.

Go back and re-read your announcements if you are missing anything or need help completing a task.

~ は なん です か。

~ は なん です か。 is used to ask questions that start with “What is?” or “What is your?” We’ve worked with this phrase several times before:

しゅみ は なん です か。

What is your hobby?

おなまえ は なん です か。

What is your name?

でんわばんご は なん です か。

What is your telephone number?

Do you remember how to answer these questions?

しゅみ は なん です か。 can be answered by using this sentence:

しゅみ は (insert hobby here) です。

おなまえ は なん です か。 can be answered with:

わたし の なまえ は (last name, first name) です。

Remember to use your last name before your first name as last names (the family names) are considered more important than first names in Japanese culture.

でんわばんご は なん です か。 can be answered with:

でんわばんご は ### の #### です。

Remember to say each number in Japanese and say the の between the 3rd and 4th numbers, where the hyphen is in English.

Please be sure to drop the particle か from the end of the sentence when answering a question. Using か at the end of a sentence when answering a question is like saying “My hobby is drawing?” or “I’m Ron Burgandy?” XD

End of Course Projects


This is a good question to ask yourself as you prepare your Japan Travel Brochure for the EOC project.

Write about 2 different places to go sightseeing in Japan. These can be any 2 locations of your choosing. The descriptions should be brief (remember, it's a brochure, not a book!), about 3-4 sentences on each location. Post 2 images to represent your locations.

Your destinations can be big cities, landmarks, small towns, or specific places like parks, temples or shrines. Coach Logan Lampkins recently did a culture cafe on amusement parks in Japan. You can access the archive of this presentation via the Culture Cafe link in blackboard if you need ideas.

Japanese Tongue Twisters

Tutu A. sent me a link of Japanese tongue twisters. These are fun and a good way to up your skills with pronunciation. Take a look at the link below if you're interested:


Thanks Tutu for sharing these!

Don't forget the Peer Tutoring Center!

Need some help with your assignments? Have questions on your lesson material? The FREE Peer Tutoring Center is here to help YOU! :D
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七五三 しち ご さん Shichi Go San

November 15th is Shichi Go San in Japan, which is an annual coming of age celebration in Japan for 7 year old girls, 5 year old boys and 3 year old boys and girls.

Families bring their 7 year old girls, 5 year old boys and 3 year old boys and girls to shrines and pray for the health and well being of their children. The children are given candies called ちとせあめ that are long, thin candies. Sometimes they are red and white or pink and sometimes they have stripes on them like a candy cane. Traditionally the bags they come in have turtles and cranes on them which symbolize longevity.

Shichi go san isn't an national holiday so it's celebrated on the nearest weekend. This year it just happens to fall on a weekend so it works out. :)

For me, this holiday is kind of special because my son is three this year! Here is a picture of him holding his こいのぼりflag. These are flags in the image and shape of a carp fish that are traditionally flown on Children's Day (May 5th) in Japan. It is one of my favorite pictures of him. :)

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