Number The Stars

By: Lois Lowry


AnneMarie and Ellen were never scared that Ellen was Jewish until one day Ellen and AnneMarie were just getting out of school and they had a race. And all of a sudden they got stopped by german soldiers. They got asked questions, a lot. Then the next morning Anne Marie's mom found out that one of her friends got fired because she was Jewish and from that day everyone knew something was gonna happen to all the Jews. Sadly Ellen parents had to move somewhere else safe while Ellen pretended to be on of AnneMaries's sisters that died named Lisa.

So they all stayed at her uncles house named Henrik trying to hide from the german soldiers and finally one night AnneMarie had to risk her life to bring a basket to her uncle who was hiding Ellen in his boat. There was one special thing that helped Ellen stay hiding from the soldiers. Did Ellen get brought home safe? well you will have to read the book and find out.

Interesting facts I learned

1) All Danish people grew up with familiar fairy tales

2) The german soldiers could stop you for any reason they wanted too

3) All Jewish people who had a job would eventually be fired

Who would enjoy this book

Anybody would enjoy this book because this is the best holocaust book out there. I'm thinking people who like fiction books would like this book. And people who like mystery or adventure to there books this book has a little of both.

My rating for this book

I am giving this book a 5 because it always makes me question about things happening in the book and I never wanted to put this book down because its just to good to put down.

This book is fiction