Science Institute Follow-Up

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Survey and Feedback

We need your SCIENTIFIC feedback! Please fill out the embedded survey so that we may reflect on what worked and what didn't. Any additional feedback on future sessions would also be great!

Thanks-- Division 1 Academic Facilitators- #GAMECHANGERS

Session Resource Links

Some session 'Deep Thoughts' about the data.

'This data is important to me because it names a weakness or gap that needs to be targeted.'

'The data provides me opportunities to help teachers understand the curriculum.'

'These scores effect me because most of the science STAAR is reading questions. No longer are they reading a sentence, but multiple and sometimes paragraphs.'

'The data affects me (my campus) by realizing we are below the state's average in reading and writing with our general education students and not only our bilingual.'

'This data effects me as a coach because I have to support my campus teachers. Reading and writing is the foundation of learning so it affects all content areas.'

'We must understand how data changes across the grade levels in reading to address our needs in science. We are all reading teachers.'

'Students who struggle with reading have a difficult time reading the STAAR. They may know the science but can't comprehend the questions to comprehend them correctly.'

'The STAAR/EOC Reading-Writing shows that there is a definite need for meaningful rigorous and embedded lessons/activities for our students to make a connection and retain skills.'


Science Academic Facilitator

Loni Coots, MS

School Leadership

Division 1, Dallas ISD