Stop hunger!!

"Be the change you want to see in the world.''-

Why donate?

Homeless and hunger are big proplems in the U.S. Around 3.5 million people were once homeless. About 1.35 million children are homeless in the United States. Everyday homeless people are struggling to access food and some days they endup starving!

How to donate?

Atlanta Communtiy Food Bank

You can donate to the Atlanta Community Food Bank. This organization has many food drives and allows you to create your own food drives.They also have a 2016 walk/run that you can do to help raise money. In 2014, they had 1,340 food drives. They collected 1.7 million pounds of food and raised $463,152 for strugling children and families.

It's easy, anyone can do it

Donating food to a homeless person will make their day. Also, just taking to them will make them happpy. It is very generous to donate to someone who is struggling. Even just donating a few cans of food can really make a difference in someone's day.