Computer Chronicles

Version 9.1 , September 2019

A Little Housekeeping

  • If you aren't using your LCD projector, please turn it off. You'll extend the life of the lamp if you simply turn it off during periods you don't use it.
  • Be sure students are turning off their Chromebooks when they are done for the day. Simply closing the lid just puts it to sleep, where it uses battery life and stays on the WiFi.
  • Please do not stack the Chromebooks. You will break the LCD.
  • Please put in a help desk ticket for anything you need help with. If you don't report it, I can't fix it.
  • Got a problem you can't solve? Need a helping hand? Did you know you can book time with me?
  • When booking Chrome Carts or Labs, you must use the exact time of the period you want to book. Don't just round up or down. By doing so you are blocking your colleagues from using the devices. Also, don't book during your prep/lunch. It simply isn't fair to everyone.
  • Information on our new content filter can be found here:
  • Did you know you can reset your own Gmail password? Click for more info.
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Magni Momenti Notitia

  • Looking for a document? Be sure to check the Shared/Team Drive for the district and your school.
  • Visit the Information Technology page on the district website for the latest news.
  • "Think before you click."
  • Got a tech problem? Please submit a help desk ticket here. Be sure to use the Google button to login.
  • What’s the king of all school supplies? The ruler!

“Work hard, nap hard.”

— Demi Lovato

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