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May 21, 2021

A Day of Excitement!

Wednesday was our annual Field Day celebration. As is our tradition, we incorporate Olympic ideals into our field day activities. The Olympic Charter specifies that: “The goal of Olympism is to place sport at the service of the harmonious development of humankind, with a view to promoting a peaceful society concerned with the preservation of human dignity.” These ideals are best represented by our opening ceremony which includes elementary students bearing flags from countries all around the world and our “Blue and White” relay race that is simultaneously the epitome of competition and sportsmanship.

As “Chariots of Fire” played in the background, I found my eyes beginning to mist over seeing the pride in the flag bearers' faces as they ran down the hill and onto the field representing the many and varied nations of the world and again as I watched the relay runners give it their all even after stumbling and falling behind with seemingly no chance of regaining the lead. Just as we celebrated the different cultures around the world, relay winners and losers alike were celebrated because the efforts of each were worthy of honor and respect.

This particular field day also had the added excitement of being a mask-free event after a year of wearing masks and cohorting to mitigate the risk of COVID. We were finally able to gather as a community and enjoy the outdoors and the togetherness of students and faculty from across campus. As a result, even though the event was an abbreviated version of our usual field day, it was a delight from beginning to end!

If the weather cooperates, we also hope to enjoy our end-of-the-year ceremonies and promotions in person outside. You will be receiving more information about these upcoming events from your child’s teacher. We are so pleased to be able to end the year sharing these meaningful moments in person!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,

Dr. Dana Hill

Dates to Remember

May 26 - Senior Project, Graduation

May 26 - Upper Elementary play

May 27 - Last day of school - 11:30 dismissal for all programs, extended care available

May 28 - Promotion day for all levels (details to come), Peace and Star Ceremonies, and Piping Up, extended care available

May 31 - All Programs Closed

June 1-2 - All Programs Closed for Outservice

Field Day

MSA celebrated Field Day on Wednesday, and it was a beautiful day for it! After an opening ceremony celebrating countries from around the world, the games began with a dance competition followed by a relay race and activity stations around the lower field behind the school. To complete the event, students competed in a shoe-kicking contest, hands-free whipped cream and Oreo eating contests, and, finally, a water balloon toss event to help cool off. See below and this album and this one for many photos and videos from the event.
Big picture
2021 MSA Field Day Opening Ceremony
See this video of the opening ceremonies if there are any issues with the sound.
2021 MSA Field Day Relay Race

Carrot Harvests

Students at each level in Mrs. Patch's Horticulture class have been harvesting carrots the past couple of weeks. See some photos of the impressive harvests below!
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UE carrot harvest

Upper Elementary Montessori Work

See below for some photos by Karen Holt of beautiful Montessori work going on in this beautiful Montessori community.
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Big picture

Final Upper School Community Service Project

The Upper School students completed their final community service project this week: they designed and created pencil pouches for local elementary school students.

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