4 P's of Marketing

Ariel Peralta 2nd Period

The 4 P's of Marketing are Product, Place, Price, and Promotion .


Product is what you're selling. Its not just the item or service your selling, its the:
  • different varieties,
  • the qualities
  • the designs
  • packaging
  • branding


Place is how your customers find your product, the placement.

Place includes:

  • distribution
  • delivery
  • retail locations
  • download
  • logistics


Price is the amount you charge customers for your product or service. The price includes:
  • retail
  • discount
  • bonuses
  • payment plans
  • credit terms


Promotion is the who of what most people think of when they think of marketing. Promotion includes :
  • advertising
  • personal selling
  • sales promotion
  • public relations
  • sponsorship
  • sales calls
  • brochures
  • emails