New VP candidate !

AIESEC Sciences Po

EB Sciences Po 14/15 Elections !

Dear members,

It's been one amazing year since the current VPs and LCP took up the challenge and applied for the EB. We have been working a lot to make AIESEC Sciences Po grow ! Now, it is time for you to discover your potential as a leader and to challenge yourself ! Go out of your comfort zone and APPLY FOR THE EB !

Get ready for this amazing experience !

The EB team 13/14


Wednesday, April 30th, 8pm

Rue de l'Université

Paris, IDF

Hi everyone!

Join the EB meeting to meet our new VP candidate, Romain Sactchou!

Program: Speech + Q&A

See you soon!

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Read is CV

Transition & Planning

24-25 Mai: Transition Week-End
26-28 Mai: Team building days
29-31 Mai: STEP 2014

Congratulation to the LCP 14/15... ZACHARIE TREISTER !

AIESEC Sciences Po LCP 14-15 Election !!

Video of the announcement - EB Election 14/15

AIESEC Sciences Po LCP for the term 2014-2015 as been chosen !!

STARRING (from left to right) :

Sarah, as Benoit Feroldi
Zacharie Treister, as himself
Dominik, as Esteban Fabiao

With Elie (and his loooong introductive speech)

and Lou, LCP of AIESEC Sciences Po for the term 13-14 !

(Thanks to the newly elected LCP for this tremendously inspirational speech)

For more information about the new Local Committee President, please send him an email at

They received the vote of confidence !

Congratulations to our candidates ! Six of them received the vote of confidence !

The LCP elect, Zacharie Treister, will choose his teammates among them !