Nothing gold can stay

By:mackenzie matthews


This title makes me think of how not everything good in life is always going to be there.
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Natures first plant is life

Its hard to hold onto nature when its being destroyed and brought down

The first leaf that falls is a beauty

But it doesn't last forever

More and More leaves will fall and it will be lost in all the leaves

You will get sad because you can't find it

You try to look for it but you don't succeed

It blows away and its gone


I think that the author is talking about how nature doesn't always go as planned and it won't always be around.


The tone is enlightening because its breezy and its talking about nature.


The poem starts out talking about how amazing nature is and then it starts talking about how not everything good can stay and then it talks about someone sinking into grief.


i think the title means that nature will not always be as graceful as it is and it will not always be the best at times.


i feel like this poem is about someone noticing that every once in a while something goes wrong with nature either its human causes or it just doesn't work out.
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